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Shared/Group Calendar functionality

being able to access shared calendars in powerapps is a highly requested feature for my use of an internal communication app

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Being able to access shared calendars in PowerApps has the possibility of many different use cases.   In my case I would use it to display our Global Holiday calendar.    This has the company paid holidays in it for all offices of our offices.


I would set it to show the company holidays for the employee viewing it but with a drop down selector where they could choose any office (country) and see the paid holidays in that location as well.   This could be embedded on a page on our intranet.

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Please PLEASE add shared calendars as a data source option. There is so much I could do with this. If I had a shared calendar as a data source it would eliminate the need to have an additional sharepoint list to display events. I have a registration portal and all of our events have to be in a sharepoint list, which means we have to schedule things in 2 places. Of course I setup an upload form to send those items from Outlook into SharePoint. But since Power Apps will not let me use the Shared Calendar as a data source, once again I have to workaround that. And I do it by using VBA in an Excel file to grab all of my calendar events? VBA allows you to access a shared calendar. Please, this is a need.

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I would also very highly request shared calendar access.

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Adding my support for this.   I need a way to grab records from several individual calendars that are in a group so that I can automate our scheduling audits and reconcile against receivables for each appointment.