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Sharepoint Calendars "Category" field

Just yesterday I came across @Audrie-MSFT post on connectivity to Sharepoint Docs and Sharepoint Calendars. I started testing the Calendar functionality and I was able to create events in a sharepoint Calendar, which is fantastic, but I got de-railed when I tried to update the "Category" field for an event, unfortunately it is not exposed to PowerApps, so you cannot view the Category, nor can you add/edit the Category.


Unfortunately using the Category field,is the only way I know to apply color coding to events. 


So it would be really nice, if we can view/add/edit the Category field in a Sharepoint Calendar, so if this can be added to the "to-do" list.


A big thank you to the PowerApps team for continuing to add features to PowerApps, making it even more AWESOME!



Status: New