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Sharepoint Folder as datasource

Please give ability to use share point folders as data storage.

One drive for business is ok, but for sharing files with others, sharepoint folders would be ace.

Status: Planned
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Hi @heaher_italent , 


This is a really critical and necessary topic being discussed above. Most of us keep our dataset files in sharepoint folders and are hoping to connect with them directly via Power Apps.

Could you please help us with the current status, if any?



Niharika Pruthi


This idea has been planned for year.


I don't understand why only allows OneDrive. SharePoint has way more options and it is being utilized by a lot of people. Is this still planned or this might change soon?


Thank You

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What's harder to believe:

1. That such a basic feature was not available from the start

2. That this has been 4 years under "planned"

Advocate I

Too many of these stay in the planned phase for way too long. Seems a simple addition since SharePoint is OneDrive is Teams...

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Any update on this?

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any update?? it's a really important feature