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Sharepoint Folder as datasource

Please give ability to use share point folders as data storage.

One drive for business is ok, but for sharing files with others, sharepoint folders would be ace.

Status: Planned
Level: Powered On

This has been done. There is a sharepoint folders type source under File. We updated a file folder to sharepoint folder with no issues in December

Level: Powered On



Or I'm stupid or something is wrong. 


Could You show where is it? I didnt see on connectors.

I use sharepoint in Teams.



Level: Powered On

I don't think this has been done yet..

Level 8

Is it done yet ???

Level: Powered On

Quite perplexing how this basic functionality hasn't been added yet.

Level: Powered On

Come on Microsoft. Get on with it. This is rediculous.

Level: Powered On

There is a status on this ?

Level: Power Up

hmpf. Still not implemented I guess 😞 I don't know why but I have massive problems with OneDrive as my data source connection. I'd like to use Sharepoint group folders instead...Did the status change from "planned"?

Level: Powered On


Level: Power Up

Come on guys, this has been "planned" for years now!