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Sharepoint Folder as datasource

Please give ability to use share point folders as data storage.

One drive for business is ok, but for sharing files with others, sharepoint folders would be ace.

Status: Planned

Until this is implemented, here's a solution that utilizes Microsoft Flow:


  1. In PowerApps have your data source connect to OneDrive for Business and save data from your PowerApp to a file type you're trying to use on SharePoint. 
    1. Make sure you have a save confirmation screen that we'll use in a future step
  2. Create a Microsoft Flow Triggered by PowerApps
  3. Make a Step using the OneDrive for Business connector and use the Get File Content Action
  4. Make the next Step the SharePoint connector and use the Update File Action feeding the previous Step's file content in to the File content Field in this Step.
  5. Save the Flow
  6. In PowerApps go to your App and select the save confirmation screen we made in step 1, then select the Action tab at the top of the page and select Flows
  7. Select the Flow you created and saved in step 5, close the Run paranthesis, this will set the Flow to trigger OnVisible to the selected screen by default


At least, that's how I worked around the issue that this connector has been in "planned" for 2 years now.


Caveat: The OneDrive connector in Flow can only guarantee a successful connection once an hour. 

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Over two years and still crickets.  What is your problem?  You're adding all of these other connectors that literally like, three people in the world might use, and yet you *still* aren't supporting connections to *your own products*.  

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Hi Microsoft!


It seems very contradictive that a power app can be build on top of files (aka Excel) from with OneDrive for Business but not from a file (aka Excel) within Sharepoint. 

This would be hugh beneficial for companies to avoid the person-depended-onedrive and start using the company-depended-sharepoint environment.

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Really need this feature!!! We can't depend on one single person's "Onedrive" - Too many issues with security and no confidence with that option. Please set this up ASAP!!!


Thank you.

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Hey MS... juts to beat on the dead horse here... we need this ASAP. Thanks

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Any news?

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i have just started using Powerapps. I won't go any further without excel databases in Sharepoint

Since the functionnality is "planned", can you at least tell us for when it is planned ?




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@Audrie-MSFT and @MWilliams86 ,


Do you have any date for this main update ? 


Thanks in advance

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I have recently published a long blog that speaks to a lot of functionality that has been lacking for years natively within PowerApps, including easily surfacing files in any folders in any Document Libraries on any site. The same functionality equally is exposed for Lists, however not for Folders in Lists "for now".


In the blog I've published, I have shared 7 Power Automate flows that leverage the SharePoint v2 Graph APIs. These flows essentially surface practically anything you could possibly want to in your apps. They are 100% dynamic and thus can be reused in any app. I created 2 demo apps for the blog, one of which I have shared a link to download one of the PowerApp demo apps. 


I have uploaded a short 2:15m video of the demo app I have shared in the blog to YouTube.


Most of the flows I have shared include a Response action which is deemed to be a Premium feature from a licensing perspective, and thus you need a Power Automate per user plan or a Power Automate per flow plan to leverage the flows. However given these flows are incredibly reusable, as I understand it, you should be able opt to choose for the Power Automate per flow plan For $500 per month anyone in your organization can leverage up to 5 Flows per month, with up to 15k API requests per 24 hours., which is ideal for the blog I've published.


I have also uploaded a far longer 30m video of the other demo app I created, primarily to demonstrate just how much other functionality can be implemented using nothing more than the highly resuable flows I've shared in the blog. So never mind for the $500 it may cost your organization to enable all the functionality requested per this idea, there is substantially more functionality you can implement in any of your apps with no further licensing implications. 

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