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Sharepoint Folder as datasource

Please give ability to use share point folders as data storage.

One drive for business is ok, but for sharing files with others, sharepoint folders would be ace.

Status: Planned
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Is this now possible?

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At this point it seems like it's still a no.


I was looking into starting this project with documents from a sharepoint library as the data source rather than onedrive so I can manage documents easier if major changes need to be made. At this point, all i can do with sharepoint is edit a task list or make changes to a calendar. It's kind of a waste of time. Why wasn't this thought of before implementation? Also why did I have to scour around forums to find out this answer? I spent the better part of an afternoon struggling with this only to find it's not even implemented yet. Consolidate items guys...

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Will this be launched any time soon?

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Has this been implemented. Want to connect to an excel file that is in a folder on a sharepoint team site. 

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Hello, any update please? 

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Any update on this?  I would like to connect PowerApps to a Sharepoint Excel file.

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It has been almost 2 years since the original post.

Please provide a progress update for this feature!

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Please add support to have sharepoint folders (groups) as data source. For Example for the excel connector in flow.

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So?? Its done?