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Sharing Flow and connections

I would like to share my app with my entire organization of approximately 3500 people. I want them all to be able to totally use the app using the connections and permissions of the owner.


This is important for several reasons.

1. I send confirmation emails from this app, so I want them all emails to come from a support email address, not the user's personal email.

2. I am using CDS and do not want the users to be able to log into powerapps and edit the data in excel. I only want the user to be able to modify data through the app.

3. Users will not want to use my app if they have to log into several services before they can even load the app.


Please add a share option. "Share with current connections."

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I particularly agree with Point 3 made by @Anonymous . In the Apps I've deployed within our Organisation, the Users having to login to several services does create some friction and can be a deal breaker for some. It would be nice to have the option to have the App run on a specified account, so all the User has to do is clclick on the App.

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I agree.  This is a dealbreaker.  I cannot use PowerApps and Flow if users have to log into connections after they have already logged into their Microsoft account.  We really need a fix for this.

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I second previous comment.   I want my powerapp to be the only for users to write to the data source.

I want deployment and provisioning be transparent.   When app is shared with target population they should be able to seemlessly start using app without going through any hoops  or needing permissions to the resources which could compromise security.


E.g. I want users of registration app ONLY to be able to register using the App without having any access to the data source like SharePoint list.   App should have the permission to write to sharepoint list - not the user of the app

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This is one of the main showstoppers for our customers.


Quite a few of our customers use our (Muhimbi) Flow Connector to generate PDFs for PowerApps. This all works well, but deployment to end users is a bit awkward as each need their own account on our system (to authenticate with our Flow Connector), or they all need to enter a shared account.


The end-user and deployment experience is less than ideal, especially when dealing with a large number of end users for Apps that are made available to all employees or students.


Please consider making it possible to setup the Flow connection, including the credentials at design time, and save those details inside the PowerApp.


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Please Flow team, add this functionality. Our customers are very excited about starting using PowerApps but we have to keep telling them no because of this exact reason. If a user has access to the PowerApp, they have to be able to use ALL existing connections, be it SharePoint, SQL, or third party connections.

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Despite how quiet this idea is, this is critical functionality. Arriving at the realization that, within the O365 sphere, PowerApps leveraging Flows can still only do what the user already has permissions to do (and approves the app to do on their behalf, without knowing what the app intends to do with that power) was frankly disheartening.


The connections do not need to be shared entirely simply because the app has been shared. Instead, sharing an app should enable those invited users to run related Flows from that app and only from that app. Owners of Flows triggered from PowerApps should then be offered "Connections Used" management akin to what has been made available in the "Run-only" permissions of other connectors (likely with "Provided by run-only user" being the default).


I think this change would lift this platform from a virtual non-starter back to where I (and I expect many others) already believed it to be.


Flow Run-only users - Provided by run-only user.jpg


Flow Run-only users - Use this connection.jpgConnections Used confirmation.jpg
















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I upvoted this and will bump.  I can't imagine having to administer privileges for users for a) the app and b) potentially several Lists, with a wide deployment.  I'm in beta for an app that could see wide distribution and this is one of the few things about the project that keeps me up at night.