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Sharing PowerApps Within Huge Organization

I work in an organization which has thousands of employees across North America.


A common scenario will be that someone develops a PowerApp which they will have to share with, let's say, 300 people. Currently the person sharing the app would have to type in each person's name ONE AT A TIME to share it with them (that's 300 names typed and 300 tabs or clicks to accept them).


Most "Power Users" or "Citizen Developers" of PowerApps do not have the ability to create security groups in the Azure Common Directory so that is not a solution. Creating different environments based on geography is also not a solution since apps will be shared with no regard for geographical location.


Please provide a solution for sharing PowerApps with a large number of users which can be done easily. Or, let us know how you envisioned this being done.

Status: Planned

We are looking to enable this support in PowerApps, just like how SharePoint does today.

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Great idea! I researched using Flow to do this as part of a custom 'permissions granting flow' for multiple resources behind the PowerApp that I have just created.  SharePoint has the api which would let me add users to a SharePoint group, which helped, but I'm stuck with sharing the PowerApp to over 100 people.

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I've considered that one of the things you can do as a "workaround" is share the powerapp with the entire organization but only give the "300 people" permission to the SharePoint list which houses the data. It's much easier to share something with a few hundred people on SharePoint because you can "bulk add" users.  Edited to say: Unfortunately everyone in your Org will have the PowerApp in their list but they won't be able to open it. 

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Status changed to: Under Review

Updating status and adding @linhtran

Power Apps
Status changed to: Planned

We are looking to enable this support in PowerApps, just like how SharePoint does today.

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Thank you! Much appreciated.

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Any update on this?  This is very necessary and interesting that this type of functionality is not available.  

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This is an urgently needed feature. Currently when you would like to share a specific app with a Team (= Office 365 Group) you can share the SharePoint site with it but need to invite each individual user one by one.

This way, it's almost impossible to keep track of member changes within the group.

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Is there an update to this planned change? We love the idea of using PowerApps within our organization but do not want to deal with managing access for hundreds of people on a person by person basis. We have created SharePoint groups and would like to utilze this to manage access to PowerApps as well. I think this is a very urgent issue to making PowerApps (and Power BI) more useful in big orgnaizations. We have very strict compliance and access managament requirements for our applications so we need a streamlined solution to managing access groups.