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Show Active Flows in SharePoint registered to a List for Library

Since we can add new Flows from a SharePoint List/Library, we should also see registered Flows for that List/LIbrary.


RIght now mysterious things can happen through a Flow on a List/Library, and there is now evidence of it.  It would be good to see a list of registered WebHooks/Flows associated with the List/LIbrary/Site.



Status: Planned

See notes from @merwan below.

PowerApps Staff

The Flow service supports this functionality for lists, at least (i.e. query flows by sharepoint list). Not sure what the status of integration in sharepoint is. @merwan may know.

Power Automate Staff

Hi Steve, thanks for the feedback, we will be providing the ability to view all the flows for a given list in a future release. Similarly, we will also be adding integration support for document libraries. We don't have a confirmed ETA, but both are high on our backlog.  

Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Planned

See notes from @merwan below.

Level: Powered On

Hello, guys - any updates since September/December comments on making the Flows show up under the Flows menu in a sharepoint list?

PowerApps Staff

Hi @martinhgrosse, we still don't have an estimate for this, though we have a lot of cool Flow integration features in the works.


This one is coming soon, which is not exactly what you want, but moving in the right direction:


Make sure you register for the SharePoint Virtual Summit here to hear about the latest plans: