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Show Adaptive Card content in PowerApps

One of the use cases would be: In Microsoft Flow, adaptive card conent will be generated if an Approval is created. IIt would be great to show the content of adaptive card in PowerApps so that users can make the approval directly in PowerApps.

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This would be so usefull ! 

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An app that could leverage this could be a centralized app for an organization to link to all the other apps. Instead of opening all of the other apps to perform an action for a process, open your phone and pull up an app that just uses these cards to perform a majority of the actions for approvals, setting time/dates for things, so many uses! Sounds like a sweet idea!

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This would make the world a better place - please prioritise!

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I wish this could be shown like Pinterest cards in multiple columns / no rows. I could then collect HowTos / Infos / Tips & Tricks from my community and show all on one page with different card layouts with the same width but different heights. Ideally including Tags. 🙂

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second all of the above - having an option to show the adaptive & approval cards for teams in Power Apps (and possibility to edit with JSON there) and send/post from there would be great!

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Please, I need to do the approval directly from PowerApp (Canvas) .

Does anybody know another method of doing it directly from the Canvas app?