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Show all references to a collection

There is currently no way in powerapps to display or search where collection is either defined, used or indirectly used. This can make debuging an app with many objects very difficult. This Idea is to have a feature which will display all references to a collection in the same way that is currently available for global variables. 



Status: Under Review

@GregLi added as FYI

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@powerapps team..any word on this. It's been over 2 yrs and would be a very valuable addition!

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I already added the following to @AnthonyPhan 's forum post that lead to this Idea thread.  So I apologize for repeating myself....but feel this painpoint is so painful and common, that getting word of workarounds out as far as possible is worth it.  Though I'm still hoping for a true solution from MSFT.  So sorry for duplication if it bothers anyone. 




In addition to the app as .zip export and hunt method I describe above, I've just come across the "PowerAppps Review Tool" available here: 


It allows you to export an app as an MSApp file and see all your functions, and it highlights what formulas/properties have been changed from the PApps default values.  You can export the report as JSON or HTML.  This is easier than the export as .ZIP and extract method I described.


Do be aware that the tool can APPEAR to hang (e.g. Not Responding) when you open your MSAPP file.   I.e. it can take SEVERAL minutes for the tool to chew through the app and generate the report.


Here (attached) is an example screenshot of a report:ExamplePAppsRevToolReportSS.png

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I am clicking the thumb but the count does not seem to increase, so I'm casting my vote this way. This idea would extend the current function available for variables, and seems like it would do the trick. So, this, please.
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Funnily enough, I just ran into this situation on my first PowerApp. Decided I wanted to change the Collection name to something that the recipients felt was more meaningful to them, and it took me ages going through the App to find every instance I had referenced the old name. Way too long.


I like the idea of the Canvas App creator, but it has to have better search tools.

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This would be great. If we can click to find variable use, why not collections?