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Show and EDIT Richtext-Fields of a sharepointlist

It is yet possibe to show a richtext field of a sharepoint-list, but not to edit rich text fields.

Status: Completed

Hey everyone we have released the preview of our Rich text editor control (marked as experimental for now).  For more details, see the docs:

Advocate V

I am another voice to have this included in Power Apps.  Our standard end users can input a new record using RTF, but editing, they will not know how to type HTML tags for formatting text, etc.

New Member

I also request to have this feature.  Our requirement contains a field which accepts Tabular data and since HTML text control is not editable we are not able to use power apps.  This is stopping us to switch from Infopath to power apps.

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Yes, it is frustrating that the PowerApps feature to customize a form is nice, however limted due to the RTF ability.

Advocate II

Even though it is possible to show the RTF fields, there is another error that destroys internal links, which makes it unuseable to us here.

See and vote here:




Advocate V

Any update on an ETA for this?

Advocate V


It is so common in any content management systems:


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Ditto this.  This is basic functionality that should be included in PowerApps and is available in virtually every other type of environment of this type.  

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Can we please get at least a rough idea when it is planned for? This year? Next year? 5Y plan?

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BTW, one thing you can do is to combine a text box control with an HTML control.


You can then enter HTML in the text box control and have it automatically previewed in the HTML control as you type.  Far from what is needed or desired, but at least something.


Though still not too nice for an end user.  


If we had the ability to embed FULL web pages in an HTML control, that would also go a long way.  

New Member

Any ideas when this feature will be implemented ? I need to be able to edit Rich Text Fields to deploy an app.