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Show and EDIT Richtext-Fields of a sharepointlist

It is yet possibe to show a richtext field of a sharepoint-list, but not to edit rich text fields.

Status: Completed

Hey everyone we have released the preview of our Rich text editor control (marked as experimental for now).  For more details, see the docs:

Power Apps
Status changed to: Completed

Hey everyone we have released the preview of our Rich text editor control (marked as experimental for now).  For more details, see the docs:

Advocate I

Trying to use it on sharepoint list form customisation:

- No problem to modify content on NEW item

- Unable to update data from item already in list: it'seems that HtmlTExt is not populated

Advocate II

Links in the text does not work. Nothing happens when you click on the link.




Power Apps

@LeifFrederiksen This is a bug.  You should be able to CTRL-click on the link to open it.  It currently works in Chrome but not in Edge.

Advocate II

Neither CTRL-click or any other kind of clicking works. 

Also I can see that links that point to documents on the same Sharepoint site that the PowerApp is running on are still being obscured and prefixed with "" instead of the URL of my Office365 tenant. That makes these links unusable even if something would happen when clicking on them.


See for further info on this problem.


We also filed this as a support case, but after several weeks of us trying to explain what the problem was to your support guy, I think the case was abandoned.


For your reference this support case is SR number 118020817613367 - I suggest you look into the correspondance on this.


After two months of back-and-forth communication the conclusion from the support was this:

We received an below update from our product group


“ PowerApps form is storing its data in the underlying list item fields in SharePoint. And that when it stores content in a rich text column that the rich text field is being link fixed up so that internal links are rewritten to be relative urls (which is a by design behavior).


I believe PowerApps should do some processing to the links in rich text fields to make them relative to the list item. But I transferred to WEX to confirm if there’s something that can be done on the SharePoint side or not. this is by design.”


We apologize for the inconvenience caused due to the product limitation or product not working as per your expectation. I totally agree with you and all of your concerns and they are completely valid.


Our Product team pushes improvements and features on weekly basis. These improvements are planned well in advance. But there are some of the improvements which will have lot of dependencies due to which it takes long time and sometimes it becomes extremely hard for us to define an ETA even though we have a road map of improving the feature. We hope you understand the complexity here. Our focus is always on improving customer experience and giving what customer is looking for sooner or later.

We would encourage you to see if this idea already exists. If not please post this awesome idea @ .


Later we got the following from the support guy's manager:

"I am the Operations Manager of the Team that Chethan supports here at Microsoft.


I see that Chethan has already escalated this case to the product engineering team and they have replied stating that the ETA is not yet finalized. Please understand that this is a by design issue and hence the PG team needs a strong push from the users to make the change in the design. Hence Chethan has requested you to post an idea in the forum.From the support perspective my support team has tried its best to highlight this issue and get it fixed but since it is bydesign of the product we may have to be patiennt to get this change done in the product. I seriously apologize for the inconvenience caused."


This indicates that the problem has awareness with you in the product team. Can you give us some insights on how far away we are from a solution?








Advocate II

Hi @FilipK


What is status on the bug with links? Both the issue with nothing happening when clicking, and the issue with internal links being garbled with the "https://pa-static.azureedge.netprefixing?




Frequent Visitor

I cannot see why changing the URL is 'by design' if it makes the link unusable.

I have users wanting to store reference files in the SharePoint library and need to link from the Powerapp. 

The temporary fix is to put the docs in a OneDrive file and link outside the SharePoint