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Show only numeric keypad for Textinput when is it TextFormat.Number

It make sense when the Textinput Format is TextFormat.Number, the keyboard on Android or iOS should be numbers only, not the whole QWERTY.

Status: Completed

Text inputs now have a property called VirtualKeyboardMode. This is a hint to touch screen devices about what sort of virtual keyboard to use.

  • Text. For entering text in the user's language.
  • Numeric. For entering numbers, including decimals and negative numbers.
  • Auto. Use the same value as the Mode property of the text input.

Support varies depending on devices. The keyboard layout and what keys are are available may be different. For example, some Samsung devices do not have negative symbols in numeric keyboard. Users can always install a different Android keyboard that is suitable for their needs.


Minimum iOS version: 12.2

Recommended Android version: 9.0

Not supported on Windows.

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This is a feature we would make use of.


KroonOfficeSol: While it's very involved, your workaround is great.

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@KroonOfficeSol your YouTube link doesn’t pull anything up. Can you repost it because I need to use a numeric keyboard since my users will be entering a 3 digit number 

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Did you use the second link? This works fine for me. Here again the link:


Learn PowerApps | 18 | Mobile App Template - Part 5 - Number Keys

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I agree with the poster - but also think that for Mobile/tablet devices other additional use of keyboards/scroll pickers etc should also be considered so that it mirrors more what users are used to when using their mobile device to interact with other apps or websites. Its often quite annoying when some simple text is needed to be enterered or on things like combipickers that the screen gets coruppted or what they typing is now covered by the keyboard.

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Status changed to: Planned
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Thank you, Kavishi_MSFT Any update on when it will be available ? 

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Any update on this?
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The feature is still under review and we are discussing it internally. We will update this thread once we have the concrete date. Appreciate the patience

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Any update on this?

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Following for an update