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Show only numeric keypad for Textinput when is it TextFormat.Number

It make sense when the Textinput Format is TextFormat.Number, the keyboard on Android or iOS should be numbers only, not the whole QWERTY.

Status: Completed

Text inputs now have a property called VirtualKeyboardMode. This is a hint to touch screen devices about what sort of virtual keyboard to use.

  • Text. For entering text in the user's language.
  • Numeric. For entering numbers, including decimals and negative numbers.
  • Auto. Use the same value as the Mode property of the text input.

Support varies depending on devices. The keyboard layout and what keys are are available may be different. For example, some Samsung devices do not have negative symbols in numeric keyboard. Users can always install a different Android keyboard that is suitable for their needs.


Minimum iOS version: 12.2

Recommended Android version: 9.0

Not supported on Windows.

Kudo Commander

yeah, this is pretty obvious to show only numberic keyboard if the format of the text box is in number format.This should be implemented as OTA update.



Resident Rockstar

I agree this would be a great idea. 


For the time beïng you can create a custom numeric keyboard for mobile. I made a video how to do this and posted it on youtube. See PowerApps - Numeric keyboard

Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review
Advocate V

Thanks for the idea Kroon, it was really helpful.

Kudo Commander

@KroonOfficeSol  thanks for the workaround which is great for one textbox but in my case i have more than 30 textboxes, so i have to add 30 times inside the screen which isn't simple anymore. I am waiting for the permanent fix to this problem.

Frequent Visitor

any news about that? 

Regular Visitor

We have an app that has people check in by entering their employee number. We're getting a lot of complaints that on the mobile app, they have to use tiny little number keys on the alpha numeric keypad. They want a big phone style number keypad where they can quickly hit the numbers. Please hurry with this one! 

Kudo Commander

Hello @Audrie-MSFT, thanks for changing the status of this idea to Under Review. Is there any rough estimate when can we expect this feature?

Kudo Collector

This is a must have.  We have forms that users use in the field where they need to enter 100s of numbers and currently have to switch from alpha to numbers every time.

Resident Rockstar



Maybe for the time beïng you can use a custom build Num Keyboard. I just made a video on how to build a Num Keyboard and enable the keyboard for interaction with multiple fields. I you're case this would mean adding a label to every datacard (with a number text inputfield) and a extra line in the switch statement off the num keyboard submit button. Here the YouTube link:

Learn PowerApps | 18 | Mobile App Template - Part 5 - Number Keys


The label needs a variable for the default attributeand a formula on the OnSelect attribute.  But it easy to create one, copy this label to the next datacard and change the number on those two places.


In you're case I would suggest to add a boolean global variable on the Label.Visible attribute (take true here). You can then add a lline to the OnStart/OnVisible attribute off you app where you set this variable to true, like 

Set(NKeyLabelShow, true)

If then the feature is added to PowerApps then you only have to change true to false and the labels will be hidden and the textinput fields will work again.  I would also suggest to add !NkeyLabelShow to the InputText.Visible attribute.


 100s of number fields are a lot, but this workaround will work.


Hope this helps. Greatings Paul