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Show only numeric keypad for Textinput when is it TextFormat.Number

It make sense when the Textinput Format is TextFormat.Number, the keyboard on Android or iOS should be numbers only, not the whole QWERTY.

Status: Completed

Text inputs now have a property called VirtualKeyboardMode. This is a hint to touch screen devices about what sort of virtual keyboard to use.

  • Text. For entering text in the user's language.
  • Numeric. For entering numbers, including decimals and negative numbers.
  • Auto. Use the same value as the Mode property of the text input.

Support varies depending on devices. The keyboard layout and what keys are are available may be different. For example, some Samsung devices do not have negative symbols in numeric keyboard. Users can always install a different Android keyboard that is suitable for their needs.


Minimum iOS version: 12.2

Recommended Android version: 9.0

Not supported on Windows.

New Member

Any news?

Power Apps

@ticcer01 Thank you for checking with us. We are currently in the planning phase for Oct and will keep you posted about the plans on this feature. Really appreciate the patience. 

Frequent Visitor

Keep us posting please if it could be released before. Oct 2019 means 6 months from now, so it seems a bit far away. Thanks

Power Apps
Status changed to: Started

This feature will be available soon for PowerApps canvas apps.

Frequent Visitor

Agree this is Absolutely Necessary!

Advocate V

It is ready! Try VirtualKeyboardMode.Numeric.


Advocate V

Awesome! Thank you!

Helper III

I tried the virtualkeyboard.numeric and it does not work. Am I missing anything? 



Power Apps
Status changed to: New

We will have more details in the documentation but the quick answer is that this support for this feature depends on the device. For iOS devices, only the latest versions (12.2) will have it.

Advocate V

It's working for me.

Ensure for your Text Box that the Format is set to "Numeric", and I think you will find that it works.


Thank you, Microsoft. This is a great enhancement!