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Show picture on sharepoint image list

make the powerapps on mobile like IOS, can show the picture library photo in Sharepoint. currently other information is ok but only pictures can not show on mobile even it can show on web powerapps. please make it happen!
Status: New
Helper II

Agreed. Why do we not yet have the ability to display sharepoint atatchment images on the app? works fine in a browser. This problem seams to have been around for some time. Currently the only way to do it is a hack with Flow, whihc is not really the answer.

Advocate I

i agree as well, the issue has been around for at least two years. it would be "nice" to get some priority on this. otherwise, it makes for a useless app.


Advocate II

Agreed, would really make sense if images loaded from the app into sharepoint can then also be viewed from the app without having to move to the webbrowser.

Regular Visitor

Just wanted to add another "agree to this" comment. It is silly that this doesn't work on mobile. 

New Member

Can this be added? Going to move to another program for our company app...the work around is way complicated for me.