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Show pictures from sharepoint online library in powerapps

When i view entries from a sharepoint list it may occur that this list contains a picture column. That means this picture column contains a link to a picture. Usually such a picture is stored in a sharepoint library or a picture gallery.


Right now it seems a powerapp can only view a picture from a sharepoint list if it was from an external source (internet) Pictures from any library are not shown in the power apps. They are displayed properly in the sharepoint list but not in the powerapps.


Please enable powerapps to display pictures from sharepoint libraries!


Status: Completed

Viewing pictures from a library within a gallery control or data table is possible today. Please review the videos below, to let us know if this meets your expectation.


Thank you for your patience, and continued feedback, as we enhance these features,




Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned
Power Apps
Status changed to: Started
New Member

Any progress?

Regular Visitor


any news on when this standard feature will be available?

Advocate I

I am very interested in this feature working. When will this be available?

Advocate II

Please, please give a feedback when this feature will be avilable.

Dear PowerApps team, I believe you can do it!  (soon)




Kudo Commander

Please I also need this feature of image from a sharepoint library to be able to get into the powerapps gallery form 


Advocate II

Me too. Any progress? Can see it says 'STARTED'

What is the expected release date?

New Member

Please update the progress. Thanks!

Advocate I

So looks like we are never going to get resolution for this MUCH NEEDED function from power apps.My company heads are not waiting anymore and decided to move to a better running App company.


such a shame.