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Solution Packager generate invalid customizations.xml

Author Name: Artem Grunin
Hello! First of all, thank you for the great tools! I found critical bug in v9 version of Solution Packager. This version generates invalid customizations.xml if you add both SavedQueries and Visualizations as sub-components. Steps to reproduce 1. Create solution and add Account entity into it. Don't add all assets! 2. Add any chart into it. I used standard "Accounts By Territories" 2. Add any View into it. I used standard "Active Accounts" 3. Export as unmanaged & Extract it 4. Pack as unmanaged & Import it back There will be an error: The import file is invalid. XSD validation failed with the following error: 'The element 'Visualizations' has invalid child element 'savedqueries'. List of possible elements expected: 'visualization' v8 works fine. Several other people have the same problem:
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