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Spell Check

Full spell check capability for PowerApps would be very helpful. 

Status: Completed

You can now enable the spell checker in all browsers on the Text input and Rich-text editor controls.  Simply set the EnableSpellCheck property to true to have your browser's spell check enabled in your app.


Note that this property is set to "false" by default in Text input, causing spell-check to not be enabled by default in Chrome, which was the case before.  Simply set it to true, and you'll have spell-checking in all browsers, including mobile.

Power Apps

@spot28 yes, this is apps made with Power Apps.

Advocate II

@spot28 - It took me a few tries to figure out exactly how, but see steps/images below:


  1. Select the field you want to apply spell check to
  2. In the Advanced panel, either:
    1. Search for 'enable'
    2. Scroll down to Design > click 'More options' > and it's 5 down from the top (at least right now it is)
  3. Set to 'true'



Advocate III

looks like the spell-check only works with browser based. It does not work with standalone apps in Windows 10 and my android powerapps

Regular Visitor

Can we please get spell-check on stand alone PowerApps? 

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Hello again,


so it work on Chrome. However when we open PowerApps in TEAMS, the spell check is not activated.


How can we activate it?



New Member



For me,  I have a test Power App running in the Chrome browser. 

For a "Text input" field, it works well.

For a "Rich text editor" field, I get the red squiggles but when I right click I don't get the spell check functionality. I just get a popup showing options for Cut | Copy | Paste and that's all. 


What am I missing for the Rich text editor field?




Power Apps

Hi @steveryan this is a known bug with RTE, we are in the process of fixing it.

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Is there a way of having the spell check use UK-English rather than US-English? We are often asked to check the spelling on words which we have typed correctly.


Just a quality of life we are being asked by our colleagues.

Frequent Visitor

Hi, yes I am being asked by our users for English spelling-checks please. Can you advise how to change the region?


Thank you

Power Apps

The spell checker uses your browser's preferred language to determine the dictionary for spell checking.  On mobile devices, it's the device's language.


Hope that helps.