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Spell Check

Full spell check capability for PowerApps would be very helpful. 

Status: Completed

You can now enable the spell checker in all browsers on the Text input and Rich-text editor controls.  Simply set the EnableSpellCheck property to true to have your browser's spell check enabled in your app.


Note that this property is set to "false" by default in Text input, causing spell-check to not be enabled by default in Chrome, which was the case before.  Simply set it to true, and you'll have spell-checking in all browsers, including mobile.

Helper I

Can we have spell check in the android power app please. 

Power Apps

The spellcheck feature uses the platform's capabilities. Whether misspelt words show red squiggly lines, how to correct misspellings, and which dictionary to use is entirely determined by the platform you are using. Power Apps requests for spellchecking, but it is up to these browsers/platforms to implement them. The language used is the language of the browser, For Android and iOS, it is the system language used to view Power Apps.


You can preview how the spellcheck feature will behave on a browser by going to

Tap on a paragraph in the Output panel ("This exampull will be checkd fur spellung when you try to edit it.").

For Android, use Chrome on the device. For iOS, use Safari on the device.