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Stop PowerApps Studio closing when another window opens over it

Not sure if it is just me, but I find it incredibly annoying when the app closes if another window opens on top of it without saving any changes I have made on the app.


I am working on 2 screens and sometimes when I open a new window/application it opens on the screen where I have the PowerApps Studio open causing it to close without saving. It already happened numerous times to lose my changes because of this (wasted time...). 


I assume this is the standard behaviour of the modern windows apps, however it would be nice to have a feature/setting to auto-save or to be warned that the app will close and to give you the choice to save or not.

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Has this been reviewed/seen by any staff? I have literally just lost a complicated formula I have managed to finally create after 2-3 days of work on it Smiley Frustrated... good thing I have a good memory..

I just opened Outlook to send an email and the PowerApp studio closed because Outlook open on that screen...

Can be something done about this please?