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Stream embed object does not allow control of video from PowerApps

I would like to pause, play, or skip to a time frame in the video from the PowerApps side. Currently the object has autostart and starttime as initial customization, but it would be more powerful if PowerApps can set the controls from outside the video object. 

Example 1: If visible is set to hidden, the video can be set to pause and not continue playing

Example 2: Icons on App can jump to different playtimes on the same video. 

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We're creating an app that allows a user to log the start and end time of sections to be cut from a longer video. Its was a dream to implement with the audio and video controls in powerapps, so its strange the MIcrosoft platform doesnt include access to this property!


Any and all suggestions on how to get something approximating MicrosoftStream.Time would be most welcome