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Subgrid | Model-Driven Apps + CDS | Option to enable multi-select lookup form (quick create) for any Subgrid component, like one displayed by default in a Subgrid with an N:N relationship.

Hi PowerApps team



It would be great to be able to enable out-of-the-box a similar lookup form for all Subgrid components with a 1:N relationship, as the one available/displayed by default when you add a Subgrid with a N:N relationship. See the screenshots below.


It would be extremely helpful if you just expose and make accessible the relationship entity when you create a 'native' N:N relationship.


Use Case

I would like to add multiple keywords to each Account record.


There are two entities: Accounts (standard) and Keywords (custom). I have tried to achieve it in two different ways...


  • Approach A. I created a third (custom) entity: Account_Keyword with two lookup fields. One lookup to the Account entity and one lookup to the Keyword entity. Basically, creating a N:N relationship manually. I added a Subgrid A to the main form of the Account entity to show related records in the Account_Keyword entity.


  • Approach B. I created a N:N relationship. I added a Subrid B to the main form of the Account entity to show related records in the Keyword entity.

* Note to the PowerApps Team: 

(a) It sucks that you cannot access the relationship entity when you create an N:N relationship! Otherwise I would just go ahead with approach B and be done!

(b) It also unfortunate that there is no out-of-the-box multi-select drop-down for lookups! It could be a great complement to the Subgrid when you don't need to show much in a view, but only the selected records.


0_Subrid Lookup Multi-select_Power Apps Idea.png


Below is what you get when you try to add a new related record to a Subgrid linked to a custom entity (in this case: Account_Keyword , 'manually' enabling to have the N:N relationship). The form you see is a 'Quick Create' form added to the Account_Keyword  custom entity. 


Approach A_Subrid Lookup Multi-select_Power Apps Idea.png



I would like to get a similar lookup form to add keywords to Subrid A, like the one you get in Subgrid B (automatic N:N relationship)... See screenshot below.


Would that be possible? Does someone think that would be useful?

Approach B_Subrid Lookup Multi-select_Power Apps Idea.png




Thank you for considering this idea.


P.S. There are some PCF components available to make a multi-select happen in your form. But hey, shouldn't this be out-of-the-box?,sub%2D... ($)




Status: New