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Subgrid cannot set the default lookup view

Author Name: RENA SATO

When I have a subgrid and try to display the specific lookup view (Look up more records) ; however, View Selector in properties does not set the one I want.

I have turned off the view selector but the subgrid does not work in the same way as the lookup field view. It still let you choose other views (Look in system views).


It would be really nice that if I can set the default lookup view when I need to search more records from a subgrid.


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This is also useful for custom views that are created on the form.  I currently have to create a custom view when the subgrid options need to be filtered by another field on the form, for example, contacts on a case.  This is done by putting a lookup field on the form, creating the custom view on the lookup field, and then it is available for the subgrid as well.  The user has to change view to the custom view every time, and it would be nice to just set the default view on the subgrid using javascript. This would minimize users selecting unrelated records when using the + button from the subgrid.