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Submit captured image to SharePoint List

I think it would be great to make photos captured in the PowerApp Camera control be submitted to SharePoint List.


Status: Started

We have started working on this, but this is complex as by default SPO lists do not have a concept of images stored in them. This is the top item on our SharePoint connector team and we are actively working on it.


Sadly, don't have a timeline due to the complexity of the problem.

Helper II

Sure, so from what I understand the attachment column works with the most up to date version of the PowerApps App, so if you haven't updated the IOS App on your phone I'd suggest doing so.


My app is based off a SharePoint list and I added the attachment column and published the app.  Now when I fill out the form on my phone, I click the attachment icon, it prompts me to either use picture or video, browse, or photo roll.


If you choose picture or video you can take a photo using your phone and it automatically attaches it to the list.  If you choose photo roll it'll access your photo library, and browse still takes you to your cloud storage.  I had someone report yesterday they could only get the browse option, but from what I hear they need the newest version of PA.


Here's a screenshots of what it looks like...










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Thanks! exactly what we wanted, so they kept their promise to get an update in June! Well done Microsoft! So let's see if and how we can migrate existing apps to us this function finally! Great Thanks for bringing this to my attention!



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did someone test on Android if that works there?

Helper II

No we did not.  We only use IOS Devices.

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ok, just ran an existing app with the add attachment function, there same missing functionality as before - just browse of folders possible, so it seems not yet on Android , I have 3.18061.12  - so I hope they will have that function also on Android soon


Power Apps
Yes, we are still releasing the Android version, we ran into another issue with it. A version number greater than 18062 will have this functionality.
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Thanks for sharing this with us @sarafankit 

Resolver I

@sarafankitI can't test my powerapp on Android devices so could you tell me if my customers can actually attach images on Android devices?

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as far as I know yes we can, depends on what you do, but the function to add attachments to sharepoint direclty works with a sep. way to add photos...should work

Power Apps
Yes, ability to attach images on Android devices using attachment control was release last month. Please make sure your users/customers have updated their PowerApps app from Google Play store.