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Submit captured image to SharePoint List

I think it would be great to make photos captured in the PowerApp Camera control be submitted to SharePoint List.


Status: Started

We have started working on this, but this is complex as by default SPO lists do not have a concept of images stored in them. This is the top item on our SharePoint connector team and we are actively working on it.


Sadly, don't have a timeline due to the complexity of the problem.

Level 10

This is a must feature if PowerApps going to let us make real business apps.

Level: Power Up

Totally agree here, it would bring value to many businesses if pictures can be uploaded directly into SharePoint.

Level: Powered On

We will need the ability to tag these pictures too. No point in just dumping pictures in a library, we need a way to tag the files with , location meta data (lat, long) as well as traditional metadata, like dropdowns, etc.. Please include Managed metadata as well!

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This is MUST-MUST Feature!

Level: Power Up

Cannot wait untill this will be availlable

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Must have!

(with option to save as item or attachment of item)

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What Django says!
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No brainer this is a must have
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Similar to this, we should be able to upload an 'ink signature' to a sharepoint list too. (this is the pen-input widget in powerapps)

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I totally agree with everyone here. The product is nice but still missing some key features and adding photos from the Camera control to SharePoint is essential. Without this, the business value of PowerApps for SharePoint seems really low.