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Submit captured image to SharePoint List

I think it would be great to make photos captured in the PowerApp Camera control be submitted to SharePoint List.


Status: Started

We have started working on this, but this is complex as by default SPO lists do not have a concept of images stored in them. This is the top item on our SharePoint connector team and we are actively working on it.


Sadly, don't have a timeline due to the complexity of the problem.

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Since June PA announced Work Started and its April 2017, more than 9 Months. when will the Feature Bourn ? Pictures in Excel in One drive for Busisness is not Shareable. and SharePoint Does not Support Picture Fileld Sharing. Many users Dropped the idea of using PA except formsiple apps.

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A must have indeed.

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I also agree that this functionality is curcial to connecting remtoe users to centeral SharePoint storage.  I would also like to see the ability for PowerApps to create new sub folders inside of a folder for uploading these images.




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Can the PowerApps staff provide an update on this item?  I have several projects that I would like to use PowerApps for, but I may have to seek other options if this functionality is not on the horizon.

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Any updates on this issue please?

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This is very critical feature for a lot of implementations. PowerApps Team, please give us at least some estimations.


Thank you

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Thanks for keeping patience and sorry for the delay, as I had explained earlier this is more complex than anticipated due to legacy reasons in PowerApps and SharePoint. We have continued working on it and have been making progress. I still don't have an exact date yet as we work through all the issues on both PowerApps and SharePoint side, but we hope to finish it in within the next 2-3 months.
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All of these are core use cases that we need to be able to support. Is there any product road map that you can share? 


We have a lot of customers who are stuck on InfoPath and SPD workflows who are looking for a Micrsoft path forward. I'd like to position PowerApps & Flow, but there are so many gaps we can't  support simple form signatures and approval workflows. Happy to work on putting together some simple scenarios...




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Totaly agree i hope soon..