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Submit captured image to SharePoint List

I think it would be great to make photos captured in the PowerApp Camera control be submitted to SharePoint List.


Status: Started

We have started working on this, but this is complex as by default SPO lists do not have a concept of images stored in them. This is the top item on our SharePoint connector team and we are actively working on it.


Sadly, don't have a timeline due to the complexity of the problem.

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This is the first thing I wanted to do in an app and I cant! I lok forward to this feature....

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Back in June we were 2-3 months away from implementation. Any news yet?

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Yes, an update would be nice. Just started with PowerApps for the first time and the first thing I need to do is upload photos to a SharePoint list. What is the current recomended path right now?

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This is much needed, and can't come soon enough!

It would become a powerful tool for quick and simple data capture. Awww, the utility!


An update and a timeline would be much appreciated.

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Please give us an update. We have clients crying out for this. Can't you just store the image as text when you save it back to Sharepoint i.e. in SP Textbox. Then you could let us deal with displaying it in SharePoint using HTML 5 canvas.

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"as by default SPO lists do not have a concept of images stored in them."

images / files are just bytes same than strings?

can't believe that is is so hard to store a byte array there. (in sql its a binary field)


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I still have the same status for this that we are still working on this. We have already looked at text encoding and had to stop pursuing it due to issues both in PowerApps and SPO stack. The overall issue is deeper in the legacy SharePoint stack than we originally anticipated and we are still working on a solution for it.
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Maybe next month according to this blog post:


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Well, Ignite is now out of the way. Is there anything new announced/available that will help us achieve this long outstanding request?

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Please provide an update on this...