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Submit captured image to SharePoint List

I think it would be great to make photos captured in the PowerApp Camera control be submitted to SharePoint List.


Status: Started

We have started working on this, but this is complex as by default SPO lists do not have a concept of images stored in them. This is the top item on our SharePoint connector team and we are actively working on it.


Sadly, don't have a timeline due to the complexity of the problem.

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PaulC is doing some great work with PowerApps, but it needs to be simpler. I’d think this use case is a ‘no brainer’ For a bunch of typical apps.

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Hello. Is there any update on this feature? Thanks 🙂

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March is already over. Is there any news on this feature?

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Any news ?

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When will it be made available?

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Have you watched PaulC’s video on submitting pictures with flow?


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Any updates to this feature? It is essential to our company moving forward.



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We are using the add attachment to lists in SPO, which is great. But why can't you just add a camera function by using the same mechanism, so the user can take a picture, it's added and the user can just upload that picture as an attachment - it would be way more user friendly thatn having to browse for attachments on a mobile phone, fine for IT guys but not for "normal" users.


That would help a lot and remove some current boundaries, as the latest PowerApps releases doesn't allow sending larger photos (4mb+) anymore using a json connector (Paul C style), so you bascially blocked PowerApps from taking hi-res pictures and uploading them to SharePoint.....


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FYI to everyone that this is now available in PowerApps.  I added the attachments column to my app, tested on my phone, it asked me for permission to my camera and camera roll.  I uploaded a picture and took one, added it, it then shows up in the SharePoint list item...woohoo

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thanks for posting, can you explain a little bit more in detail what you did? not sure if my request is what you are doing......adding attachments, including photos to sharepoint colunn directly works for a while. I'm more looking for a smart user interface, so the ordinary user can take a photo and just submit it instead of having to browse through the mobile phone folders like adding an attachment and uploading would be glad if you can explain a bit further how to accomplish this - that would be a big step forward for many usage scenarios....thanks