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Support AuthType=ClientSecret for PowerApps in Dynamics SDK

Currently, if AuthType is set to ClientSecret, and a solution is imported using Dynamics SDK, the import operation fails if the solution contains PowerApps. It works if the solution does not contain PowerApps. It works for AuthType=O365 or OAuth. I got in touch with MS support regarding this, and they said that because of some technical blockage, this feature is not supported as of now. It'd be great to have this feature as it'd help in using Dynamics SDK for importing solutions in multiple environments without worrying about credentials or access token's context. This should be implemented as it seems a bit inconsistent, as solution containing flows can be imported/exported, but solution containing PowerApps can only be exported, but not imported. 

Can the team please look into this?



For more details, refer to this issue which I raised in the GitHub repo. 

Status: New