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Support Calculated Fields in CDS (cross-post from GA blog)

Per comment form Yahya:


Add support for Calculated Fields.

Status: Planned
Community Champion

A calculated column would allow me to manipulate the autonumbering from the Title field:



Power Apps

We have this concept on our backlog. The default values will be authored as simple expressions in the existing property sheet. This will cover many scenarios where you would have to write code to accomplish the same thing.

Kudo Kingpin

hi @pvillads, its unclear, are uou a Microsoft employee? shall we consider the calculated fields done?

Power Apps

Hi Yahya,


Calculated field is not done yet. It is in our roadmap.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned

What ever happened to this feature? It says "planned" when is this estimated to release since it's been over a year last commented.

Kudo Kingpin

@ManishMCalculated fields feature is available in spring update CDS 2.0 it will not be available in old enviroments, you need to create a new production paid enviroment to get CDS 2.0


@YahyaThanks for the update.