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Support For Open API v3

Currently PowerApps supports creating services based on OpenAPI v2. When is the plan to support v3?

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So odd this is not in the tooling.

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What are we missing by not having support for OpenApi 3?

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I think there are advantages of supporting OpenAPI 3 both in terms of improving developer efficiency and providing developers with more technical flexibility.

For our projects, advantages of OpenAPI 3 support would include:
- a large number of 3rd party cloud services publish their API definitions (via GitHub) as OpenAPI 3. These currently then need be converted back to Open API 2. This is often not just a once off translation but need to be repeatedly done as their APIs evolve. Whilst tools are available to assist with this, manual intervention or tweaks are often required.

- most other development aspects of our projects use OpenAPI v3. Developers often need to then "refresh" there memory of Open API 2 when creating/modifying custom connectors

- newer development tools are focused on OpenAPI 3 (and often have limited support for OpenAPI 2). These tools cannot be used when developing custom connectors that rely on OpenAPI 2

- we often find that OpenAPI 2 definitions are less intuitive and take longer to code than OpenAPI 3 definitions. A good example of this is the simplified document structure of OpenAPI 3 that moves "definitions", "securityDefinitions", "responses" and "parameters" to a consolidated "components" element. Another example is that the "body" and "formData" parameter types elements have been replaced with a "requestBody" element.

- base paths cannot be easily parameterised in OpenAPI 2. In OpenAPI 3, server variables can be used

It is worth noting that support for OpenAPI *3.1* (rather than 3.0) would be even more preferable. This would provide benefits such as:

- full compatibility with JSON Schema
- setting "type" as an array

- support for type "null"

- use of the examples keyword

There are probably many more benefits but these are the ones that would help us during day to day development on our projects.

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Even the Official Microsoft Graph SDK uses Open API Specification v3.0.1.


I tried importing it as a Power Apps Connector... No luck! Tried converting it to Swagger 2.0 and then import, no luck! Tried converting it to Postman 1.0 (deprecated) and then importing it, no luck!


Please! When can we get OAS 3.0 support for Power Apps Connectors?