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Support Power BI Embedded in Portals

Author Name: Ross Talbot

Power BI reporting is being pushed heavily, and we need the ability to provide secure reports with customer or partner specific context within the portal.

Status: Completed
Level: Powered On
Status changed to: Planned

Thank you for your suggestion. This idea will enable customers to have rich visualizations of data in their portal.


Shan McArthur
PM, Microsoft

Level: Powered On

Need !

It change the mind of customers to analyse and deep dive in their real live data

Level: Power Up

Hi Microsoft Team,


Thanks for releasing the PowerBI integration with D365 Portal however I am still searching for solution to share the report with portal users so that they can also view the report without any hassle.


Right now it is mentioned as "While adding the secure Power BI report or dashboard, ensure that it is shared with Dynamics 365 Portal Azure Active Directory authenticated users" but since we have multiple way to authenticate I am not sure how this option will work for local user login and 3rd party claim authentication (not the O365 auth).


Some reference to this problem would be much appreciated.




Power Apps Staff
Status changed to: Completed