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Support SharePoint "Image" field type in Power Apps and Power Automate

As of now, SharePoint "Image" field cannot be used directly in Power Apps and Power Automate. In order to display an image from a SharePoint list, we have to implement various workarounds which make it quite cumbersome.


Could you please add the "Image" SharePoint field as a supported type ?

Status: New
Helper I

Agree, This will be very useful as currently we have create separate libraries and and then create columns then reference back to the list which makes too hard when there are many item.

Advocate IV

Absolutely agreed.

I use the Attachment column in SharePoint as a workaround but that's also a lot of unnecessary development work.

Memorable Member

Power apps will soon support the image column from SharePoint Online/Microsoft Lists. Check more information in this article: Power Apps can now display images from SharePoint Online/Microsoft Lists 

Not applicable

PowerApps do not support the images from on-premise source. 


For example, I cannot use SP2019 on-premise image library as data source even we have on-premise data gateway installed. 


Almost all our App ideas require load some photos from on-premise data source.  I cannot propose to our manager to purchase PowerApps license with the limitation. 

Resolver I

This is already under development.


SharePoint: Display images from Microsoft Lists in Power Apps


  • Feature ID: 81986
  • Added to roadmap: 5/19/2021
  • Last modified: 1/26/2022
  • Product(s): SharePoint, PowerApps
  • Cloud instance(s): Germany, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), GCC High, DoD, GCC
  • Platform(s): Web, Android, Mobile, iOS
  • Release phase(s): General Availability, Targeted Release (Entire Organization)


Estimated GA: February 2022