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✅ Support Web browser

I want to use the app of PowerApps by web browser like Excel online, OneNote online at PowerApps non-installed environment, kiosk - download disable environment.


Kawabata Yoshihiro shared this idea  · 

Status: Completed
Solution Sage

Thanks for your feedback. We will consider adding support for web browser for PowerApps.

Advocate III

This is solved...  🙂  Well, it's workingish...   Probably best in Edge, but still a lot of things are not fixed yet... - but a good start!

Power Apps

Hi TerjeF, What are some of areas you would like to be enhanced/fixed when using PowerApps in the browser?




Community Champion

Three things about the Webapp so far

  • Some of my images load from a URL in a table are not loaded
  • Icons like the trashcan and pen tip from Power Apps are not clickable
  • Some data sources are not loading completely.


That aside, the app works and it makes universal apps a reality. Bravo!

New Member

Same issue with the icons. It is very annoying. But for some reason some of my icons were inserted as images (I think they are images). Those ones work. But the icons don't. Strange.

New Member

Web browser app works terribly on Edge Windows 10 mobile (lumia 950), very bugy and slow. We (W10 mobile) dont even have Powerapps for phone.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Completed