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Support customized Sharepoint list forms on SharePoint mobile app

I have created a customized my Sharepoint list form with PowerApps, and this is working great in the browser. I have the fields layed out in meaningful tabs, and I use rules to create meaningful behavior in accordance with the desired business logic.


All this is working great in the browser, but when I use the Sharepoint App for iOS or Android, the PowerApp form is NOT used. Instead the user sees the standard form with all the fields in one long row, and with no business rules applied.


The Sharepoint App should use the same form as when using the browser. Mobile first anyone? 😉


Status: Planned
Resolver I

My customer developed a PowerApps form in a SP list, and I can see it in my iphone.... sorry

Power Apps
Status changed to: Planned
New Member

Still no update?

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I really consider this as a bug and not as a missing feature. When you build a form (maybe even with some logic) and you then all the sudden realize some data are recorded wrong because on some devices the old default form appears and on others the new custom one then this is really bad. 


What has this to do with mobile first? Why you prioritize desktop usage so much? In 2018 or 2019, who even considerd putting different forms on different devices without telling the user? 

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Can we get a status update for this?

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Advocate I

There is also not a good way to make SharePoint PowerApps forms responsive. I don't understand what this works so well with native SharePoint forms but is seemingly impossible for a SharePoint form customized by PowerApps. My post here: SharePoint Custom forms should be responsive - Power Platform Community (

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Any update on this?