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Support for Lookup fields in Sharepoint list

Currently, lookup fields of Sharepoint list are not appearing.
This is a major limitation.
Lookup fields should be displayed and set to the LookupValue.
Ideally LookupId should also be accessible in a second field.


Romain B shared this idea  · 

Status: Completed
Power Automate
Status changed to: Completed
New Member

 Hi sharepoint lists with lookups for multiple values is still not working any ideas?

Advocate I



I am having an issue with lookups for multiple values when using a form to create a NEW entry. The lookups display just fine but when I try to create the new record it acts as if it the field is read-only and does not save the field data.


However, if I make a NEW entry and leave this field blank then return to edit this record, the field updates just fine. 


Hopefully this helps.