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Support for Lookup fields in Sharepoint list

Currently, lookup fields of Sharepoint list are not appearing.
This is a major limitation.
Lookup fields should be displayed and set to the LookupValue.
Ideally LookupId should also be accessible in a second field.


Romain B shared this idea  · 

Status: Completed
Solution Sage

We are actively looking at adding lookups.

Power Apps
Power Apps

SharePoint list "lookup" fields are now supported as read-only, please let me know if it is still not working for you once you download the latest PowerApps Windows studio client. 


NOTE: we are also going to be adding the ability to set/write lookups in the coming months from a PowerApp.

Advocate I

I just tried to connect to a list with a look up in it and it returned:




No other information was provided to me to try to determine what the possible issue could be.  Visited the store to see if there was an update for PowerApps app, nothing listed.  Current version is:  2.0.412

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Can lookup data be added to Flows as welll  or is there a away to do this with a connector?



Power Participant

Please see here how to connect to and read values from a SharePoint lookup column:


Both the value and the ID are available


However, it seems to be read-only at the moment.  I have not found a way to Patch back the ID value, anyone with good ideas please contribute.


The only bad idea I have had is to create a number column in the same SharePoint list and then patch back the new ID to this number column.  A SharePoint workflow triggered by any change in the record can then take that ID value and copy it into the lookup column.  It is not difficult and should work, if anyone is interested please reply to this post and I will try it out.


Obviously it would be preferable for the PowerApps team to provide the direct solution.


Power Apps

Lookups are not available for SharePoint lists, please give this a try with in latest PowerApps version! For quick steps on how to configure it please refer to our Support for lookups blog post. Please don't hesitate to share out you questions and feedback, can't wait to hear back from you!

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Excellent.. Will check this out.




Advocate II

Add support for multiple looks. For example, the people and group field type. Support for adding multiple people/groups. SPO/InfoPath support this today. Would be great to see it in PowerApps too.

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Can you please add support for Dynamics CRM Online lookups? It only shows the ID field and not the entity name field.  If you check it to lookup, then it does show the name field but you then cant write it back to the lookup field in the database.

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Lookups from parent site columns is not supported at the moment. Please add this functionality.