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Support for Mobile and Tablet / Web within same App.

Hi, please can you implement some kind of support for multiple devices within a single app?


I currently have 20+ apps to digitize a lot of my company's forms and processes, but having to create a seperate app for each one of these just so staff can access via Mobile as well as desktop is a major waste of time and resources.


My build time is doubled, my troubleshooting is doubled, enhancements have to be done in two places instead of one etc. When you are dealing with multiple apps, each with many, many layouts, this becomes unsustainable and will severely limit future uptake to the platform.


I know i'm not the first to ask about this, so please can we have some action?

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I have recently moved from an Oracle based role where I used Application Express (APEX) which is their Low-Code solution for creating apps. This feature was a default so we never had to specify whether it was for Mobile or Desktop users. This addition would be massively helpful!