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Support for SQL Server and Azure SQL DB temporal tables

It seems that you can update records in a temporal table but cannot create new records since the start_date and end_date are seen by PowerApps as required fields, whereas in fact they are generated by the system.  This is a major inconvenience in implementing versioning.

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Power Automate

Should be fixed now.

Community Champion

This issue seems resolved.

Thank you @SameerCh, this makes a huge difference!

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EDIT: The below comment should be disregarded.  


Major issue with this feature!!!

It seems that when updating records from PowerApps, no entry is made in the history table.

It is as if PowerApps turns system versioning off before updating a record.

Could Microsoft really have made such a mistake?

Power Automate

Hi @Meneghino,


That shouldn't happen - we do not turn off any versioning.


For insert, we run a query like:

INSERT INTO [Table] ([Columns]*)

OUTPUT [Columns]*

VALUES ([Values]*)


For update, we run a query like:

UPDATE [Table]

SET [Column] = [Value] (,[Column] = [Value])*

OUTPUT [Columns]*

WHERE [Column] = [Value]


Are you seeing the absece in your history table only for updates made from PowerApps?


Community Champion

Deep apologies @SameerCh, all works as expected!

I had an error in my Patch formula that I fixed after the benefit of some sleep.

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i am having an issue making new records on system-versioned temporal tables.


I have tested it is working fine on an Azure DB.

But when I am using gateway, i get the error:

start_date and end_date are seen by PowerApps as required fields


i have tested on 2 SQL versions

SQL Server 14.0.3015.40 - RTM (Enterprise Edition: Core-based )

SQL Server 13.0.4466.4 - SP1 (Developer Edition (64-bit) )