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Support for iFrame/ HTML in PowerApps Canvas Apps



Currently it doesn't seem to be possible to insert an iframe into a Canvas App. It would be really nice if there was an iFrame or HTML control within canvas apps so that it was possible to display dynamic specific content through an iframe based on other selections/input from within the PowerApp.

User case:

 A user selects an item from a dropdown menu that then dynamically updates content within an iFrame.


EG: A user selects a SharePoint News page template from a dropdown list that then displays the preview of the SharePoint News Page in an iframe or HTML control.

<iframe src="https://<tenantname><sitename>/_layouts/15/sitepagepreview.aspx?templateID=ac3c4a88-04f2-4e54-a411-df9899c90df5&amp;mode=preview"></iframe>

 This feature is currently available in model driven apps but not canvas apps.

I hope you can help! Thanks! 🙂

Status: New