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Support for /map in Pack Solution and Unpack Solution in Power Platform Build Tools

The Unpack/Pack Solution build tasks for Azure DevOps use default command-line arguments for the Solution Packager. And most are fine from an ALM perspective, but I'm really missing the additional options the Solution Packager has to use a mapping file.


This would be very useful to provide a mapping-file to manage for example WebResources in a separate location in source control and include them from here in the Solution. Can the option to provide a mapping file be added to the Unpack/Pack Solution tasks?


Also the /sourceLoc and /localize options would be great at the same time. With this additional options all aspects of the solution packager are available from Azure DevOps Pipelines.


Use the SolutionPackager tool to compress and extract a solution file (Developer Guide for Dynamics ...

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Yes yes... A thousand times yes. Seems like a big step back for anyone using spkl or similar.