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Support for peripheral device input - handheld barcode scanner for example

I have an application that will require PowerApps to also run from a desktop PC in which case the barcode reader input will need to be from a handheld barcode scanner. Similar to these

It would be great if the PowerApps controls could support peripheral device inputs too.

Is this possible?



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What model is the scanner accesory?  I would try and scan a barcode while the keyboard focus is in an edit field from inside of an app. Please let us knwo how that works for you.


Thank you,



Thank you for the prompt reply Laura


The scanner is a commodity USB device that you can pick up at any Office supply store.

In Australia we have Office Works and they stock Motorola, HP and Datalogic devices for example.


Are you saying that it may be as easy as placing the cursor in a regular text data input field - scanning the barcode and clicking the trigger - to have the barcode to number conversion happen? That would be excellent. I will investigate.




To close off on this request, we have found that commodity USB bar code scanners can be used with PowerApps to input serial numbers directly into a PowerApps input field.


We've also improved usability with events and properties on these fields including establishing focus on load etc.


This has worked out very well in our use case scenario.




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We've also improved usability with events and properties on these fields including establishing focus on load etc.
Hi Sydney
Please share a solution how to have established focus on load (am i right that after scanning barcode, focus is automatically established on text input field in powerapps?)

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@SydneyGav  Hello Sr. I'm doing an app where I need to input barcodes to a text input field in Powerapps, would you be so kind of specifying what device specifically works with Powerapps, you mentioned above there was one that does. I'll really appreciate any information. Thanks 

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@SydneyGav Hi SydneyGav, I also encountered the question you asked before. How did you finally solve it? Can you share your experience. Because the scanners we use are also Motorola and Datalogic, thank you very much.

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Hello, is there anyway around having to click in the text field to have the information recorded?



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I created an App that needs to use scanned input from USB scanners, with either TAB suffix or Enter suffix. On my computer when testing both buttons work when entering test data manually. When I however use the scanners, the following happens:

  1. cursor blinks in field
  2. Scan populates field and execute the task in the app
  3. field is emptied but cursor is not blinking anymore in field
  4. double click on field will activate cursor again in field
  5. another scan populates field again and executes app
  6. this time field is not cleared and cursor is not blinking either
  7. need to manually clear field and double click to activate cursor for a 3rd scan

When I do this manually from the keyboard it works fine. After every value the field is cleared and focus is set to the field again.


Do you have any ideas?


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