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Support placing a gallery in a data card

I know that you can get around this currently by pasting a gallery into a data card, but I've found that often the galleries don't display information when they're published with this method. When I create a floating gallery outside of a data card on the form (which looks awful) with the same Items property, it displays correctly. My specific situation is that I'm customizing a SharePoint form and want to display information in a gallery on the form, specifically on a part of the form that you have to scroll down to (sometimes I can use galleries at the top of forms, then hide them before scrolling is necessary). I'm not sure how else to place a gallery on the form and keep it in line with the other data cards. There should be a way for the galleries to be placed within the forms, act like data cards re: allignment, and function as expected. 

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This is for other new powerapps users.

Gallery inside Form card is not showing contents because it use different datasource. So, create a Collection for datasource that you want to use in gallery. And select this collection for datasource of gallery.

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Thanks for posting that @Anonymous . That works for me!  

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With collections come some delegation issues. I used a DataTable instead of a Gallery in the form card and it worked like a charm for my requirement. Hope that helps someone.

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I am having a similar problem. Put my gallery inside a data card now it is blank and doesn't work for any updates or data patching. The same function works when the gallery is outside form and doesn't when inside. 


I am using the gallery as a repeating table like in InfoPath form. The gallery is tied to a collection and when the user is done adding then the submit button will read all items of the gallery and update my field in the gallery. 


Since I added it inside the data card it doesn't work 


are anyone able to accomplish and still having gallery inside the form

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Same issue here. Placing a gallery inside a data card won't allow any updates or data patching. This needs to be fixed.

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Still here with the same problem. Gallery showing nothing when inside a data card.

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Why is this not fixed?? Seems like a basic/common ask.