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Support the ability to import data into a lookup field via CDS Data Integration

I get the error in the following attachment when trying to map data to a lookup field in Dynamics 365 or Model Driven PowerApps using the CDS Data Integration 

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Adding @millopis from the Data Integration Team

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I also need this feature.

want to use the email address from a Sharepoint list to lookup the matching record from the User entity, and reference the matching record from my UserAdmin field when importing data using the SP list connector or any other type of import (e.g. Excel).


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This is supported now?

But cleaning lookup fields isent! Or?

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Is loading data into a lookup field for a CDS entity via Data Integration available now? I cannot figure out how to load into CDS entity lookup field. Any advice or reference links? Thanks in advance.

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Hi all,


I've recently realised that you can set a lookup field using CDS dataflow.  However, you need to use an Alternate Key field on your look-up entity to map to.


For example, in the screenshot below, the destination lookup field I am mapping to is apr_Building.apr_BuildingNumber. Here apr_Building is the lookup field and apr_BuildingNumber is the Alternate Key set on the Building entity.


I hope this helps! 


Annotation 2020-04-18 08575623.png

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I believe this is partially possible now but when it doesn't find a parent record then it fails.

I would like to add records and relate it to an existing contact when it exists, otherwise based on a value create a contact in PowerAutomate but now it fails when the contact to lookup is not found.