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Swipe action on screens

Swipe Left, Right, Up, Down


Leo Mehrabian shared this idea  · 

Status: Under Review
Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Under Review
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In this case, in PowerApps for iOS, swipe should not close the open PowerApp, you then need to find a way to close a PowerApp. But i strongly support this idea, its a must have.

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Swipe gesture is the de facto gesture on mobile device now, PowerApps should defnitely support this. 

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I love PowerApps but out of interest have looking into Out Systems and I believe their system support swipe actions, as well as force touch I think. This is a must for future developments.

Level 8

Just adding to the support for this feature.  It would provide many more possibilities for UIs and support a broader set of scenarios.  


I've recently have been working on an application that includes maps as part of the UI and am missing the ability to move the map by swiping.


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At the very least give the user the option of enabling/disabling the swipe to close function to make use of the swipe in the app. This will open up the ability to swipe left or right on data cards, scroll maps, etc. without the worry of closing the app inadvertently. Personally, when using a mobile device, I only swipe to close to refresh the app after publishing, and hit the home button on the device to close the app.
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I recently visited an app that i made a couple months ago that displays records in a list and found myself trying to swipe to delete a record, much like how mail works in ios. This would be a nice to have with the option to have other functinality as well. 

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This is important if the team values the app feeling like a native app.

I dont understand why a back button cant be substituted for the swipe gesture.

Level 8
Level: Powered On

This would be great