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Synchronise scrolling across multiple galleries

I've been advised to post this here as an idea, since I understand it is not currently supported by PowerApps.


When you have a canvas containing multiple galleries (eg to compare multiple features of a given product/service, such as cars/holidays), it would be very useful to 'lock' the scrolling of all galleries so that when one gallery scrolls, the rest also scroll along with it.



Status: New
Resolver III

I have a similar use case. I have a forecast accross months by grouped by a category. When I need to scroll the through the months they are not all scrolling together which makes it a little annoying for the end user.

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I have done something like this by using a scrollable screen and having each gallery in a separate DataCard. DataCard Height is set to be the height of the gallery within it, and each gallery is set to CountRows(Gallery1.AllItems)*TemplateHeight

Helper I

Any update on this perhaps?