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TOGGLE: Real-Time Code Execution in Development Studio

See a conversation with @Meneghino here:


We think it'd be really cool if there was a Toggle Switch at the top of the development studio (next to the run arrow?) that turns off real-time code execution.  This would really improve the speed of development since complex apps can get really bogged down by small edits sometimes.

Status: Under Review

Adding @irinak to clarify if this is already planned.

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I'd like to back this up a bit more!

At the moment, any formula change triggers an execution, and the only purpose of the 'Preview' button is to view the app on the entire screen and use the buttons properly, other than that, everything else executes in the edit mode anyway...


I feel that the app should only evaluate for formula syntax while in edit mode, and when pressing the 'Preview' button to start executing the functions as they would be executed by the user.


At the moment, I have to create an app that should look like an existing app, but with slightly different functionality - so without the ability to copy/paste between apps I have exported and imported the existing app and I am adapting the newly imported app to what I want to achieve. But every time I make a formula change my entire screen is full of yellow warnings, gets really slow and frustrating...

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YES PLEASE! This is a great idea!

Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review

Adding @irinak to clarify if this is already planned.

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@Audrie-MSFTI 100% agree with @NEPatton - I suggested something similar to this here

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Oh dear GOD thank YOU.

This has dragged my feet from day one. I love predictive code, but only when I need it.