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Template for items

Essential Important feature!!!!!


It would be very useful to be able to create our own templates for items visuals. Obviously not everyone will use the preformated items colour, sizes and so on. The only way what we can do is to manually enter all this property into one item and if we want to use the same item somewhere else we can only copy and paste the item.


However if we want to change an item property later ( for example Fill Color) in multiple items we have to do it in all items one by one.


It would be much more easier to create template for example "button_save_template" and simply link it with all my save buttons in my app so every visual property is automatically set. Obviously if I change something in that template then it will be changed in all my buttons.

Simple easy and quick. 

Status: Planned
Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned
Power Automate

There are a few ways to avoid item by item edits as we move toward a better experience. Please check out these videos please:


Also, keep an eye on the Design Matters forum for other tips and suggestions.


Thank you for your patience as we evolve toward template models for app makers, respectfully,


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Hi @Audrie-MSFT

Nice videos. However all those practice with designing are good enough in few screens simple apps. This is way too inefficient if you work in complex 10+ screens apps. Please check this "monologue" of mine for even more way I have tried when I eventually gave up

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This was planned back in 2018 and is still in this state? 
Anyone got a link to the specific part of the roadmap where this is planned for implementation?